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Aeroplast Agricultural Packaging

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We offer packaging for agricultural products in bags and stand up pouches using best practices which ensures the safety and life of the product. Our packaging designs give retailers new opportunities to merchandise their products.

We provide packaging solutions for different agricultural products, for seeds, flower bags, fertilizers, herbicides, and spices.

Seed Packaging Bag

Seeds Packaging is used for packaging of crop seeds, oil seeds, fruit seeds, vegetable seeds and, herbal seeds etc.

  • Seeds are packed properly and safely to maintain aromatic and savory qualities.
  • Packaging is available in various designs and colors.
  • Stand Up Pouch packaging is also available.


Fertilizer Packaging Bag

Fertilizers enhance the growth of plants by enhancing the effectiveness of soil. These are made artificially from different chemical substances which can  be hazardous sometimes.

  •  Laminated Printed bags are durable and safe
  •  Available with zipper option


Pesticides Packaging Pouch

Pesticides are substances that are used to control and kill pests, insects and weeds etc. It is a  toxic chemical for humans. That’s why proper packaging is of high importance.

  • Are properly packed with sealed ends in a safe manner by improving sealing and handling issues to avoid any malfunctioning.
  • Pesticides Packaging Pouches maintain the original form of chemicals and other ingredients till the pack is opened