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Aeroplast Home and Personal Care

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Home and Personal care packaging are experiencing growth globally, because of changing lifestyles of customers and convenience to use them. The people are spending more from before because they want to look better and feel better.

Home and Personal care represent a wide variety of the consumer packaged goods market, with products ranging from diapers and shampoos to high-end beauty products.

Thus, it is difficult to generalize about the packaging that fulfills demands for such a wide range of products. The trend towards portability, availability, and functionality has given rise to the different style of packs and sizes.

From a manufacturer’s perspective, it is important to stand out from the crowd while also reflecting the changing needs of the consumer with your packaging.

Sachets : Packup smaller and lighter than alternatives. Pack up with much smaller overall volume than more rigid alternatives

  • Consumers can test the product by paying low cost.
  • Sachets are perfect solution when only a small amount of product is required
  • Spout can also be attached to pouch for easy usage.

Pillow Pouch

A versatile, economical, and common bag style that can be attractive with the right graphics.

  • It is a simple design and easy to manufacture
  • High speeds easy to achieve
  • It gives lower film cost

Stand Up Pouch

Home and personal care products require packaging that can be stored, transported, displayed and disposed off while maintaining product’s quality.

  • Stand Up Pouches for high visibility.
  • Customized barrier proprieties in various sizes.
  • Re-closable option with press-to-close zipper.
  • Spout option is available on pouch for easy usage.