2420, MIE Part B, Bahadurgarh – 124507

Cereals and Pulses

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Food packaging is an integral part of any food-related business. When it comes to your food’s packaging, Aero Plast Ltd has everything you need to package food safely and attractively. We manufacture 2 layer, 3 layer and 3 layer metallic laminated with window by printing PET, MET- PET and BOPP with attractive eye catching designs.

In food packaging we make packaging for all food products in rolls and pouch form: Rice, Pulses, Tea, Sugar, Salt, Flour, Snacks, Spices, Ketchups, and frozen foods etc.

We manufacture high-quality custom printed flexible packaging materials in roll films and pouches of multiple styles for aseptic packaging of food products.

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Flow Wrap

Flow wrapping is a fast and highly cost-effective way to pack a wide range of products that can be pushed such as biscuits, chocolate bars, pack of tissues etc.Our facility is equipped with high-speed flow wrapping machinery with integrated automatic feeders, enabling us to package at the rate of more than 200 pieces per minute.

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Centre Seal Pouches are made using single layer to multi- layer laminate options, here we can deliver these in different combinations as per the packaging suitability of the end products.

Center Seal Pouches are excellent for packaging of food items that helps in preventing packed materials from exposure to air, moisture and other external factors etc.

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Pillow pouch is one of the most conventional and economical styles of packaging. To fulfill the varying requirements of the consumers, we use highly advanced and state-of-art technology to design a huge spectrum of pillow pouch which is enormously functional, eye-catching and consistent.

These pouches resembles the shape of a pillow and have a bottom, top and back seal. The structure of the pouch is such that the contents get the “Higher Filling Volume”.

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Aero Plast Limited offers you a wide range of stand up pouches for food packaging in clear and solid colors, glossy and matte finishes for displaying catchy logos and graphics. The stand up pouches are ideal for a variety of solid, liquid and powdered foods that will be on self standing position on shelves.

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This pouch style is latest packaging trend in the packaging industry due to their style, uniqueness, durability, ease of use and shelf appeal.

The Side Gusset Pouch is available in a variety of sizes and material structures made of high-performance laminates and barrier materials.

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This packaging is most commonly used for flour and rice bags. They are used when weight of the stuff is 5Kg and 10 Kg.

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We offer laminated rolls with rotogravure printing as well as clear and smooth lamination that are available in captivating designs and patterns and can also be custom made in various designs, sizes and volumes as per client’s specific requirement. We are capable of providing printing on various material such as PET, LDPE, BOPP (Opaque & Natural) and glassing poly.