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Courier Bags

Courier Bags

Courier Bags also known as mailing bags are used by Courier, Parcel and Freight companies for the secure movement of their client’s documents and consignments.

They are manufactured from customized co extruded polyethylene film, which is gray/black inside & white outside, with a flap which has a hot melt adhesive strip for easy & permanent closure.

The Courier bags design and size can be customized as per requirement.

Features of our courier bags

  • Protect the product
  • Looks professional
  • Attractive and can be customized in printing
  • Used to pack fragile items
  • Reusable
  • User friendly
  • Courier bags don’t require any cello tape or adhesive tapes for packing.
  • Courier bags are lightweight and hence saves courier charges.
  • Courier bags are absolutely cost effective as compared to boxes.


Courier Bags With POD Jacket are useful for mailing documents and shipments. This is mainly used by E-commerce Industry, Banking Industry and Corporate for ensuring content privacy, security and anti-theft measurement for the documents.

POD jacket is plastic 2 side layer which is used to put invoice or buyer address or  forms etc. Our Courier bags with POD jacket are made from strong LDPE with self adhesive closure system.


  • Once you seal, can’t be opened. No theft-full safety.
  • Courier bags ensure content privacy and attractive presentation.
  • Superior High seam strength allows inserting heavy/more products.
  • Courier bags contain POD Jacket to insert recipient address and invoice.
Courier Bag
Courier Bags