Flexible Packaging

Laminated Roll

Laminated Roll

Aeroplast pioneers in manufacturing customizable pouches at an economical price for a variety of industries. With quality material and top-notch manufacturing facilities, all the pouches are designed keeping in mind the requirements of the client. These versatile pouches are a perfect packaging solution for anyone in need.

Common Features

Following features are standard in every pouch

2-3 layers

Strength is a guarantee

Custom Size

Made to your specifications

Up to 9 colors custom print

Up to 9 colors custom print

Laminated Roll

Laminated rolls are designed with the help of Rotogravure printing to deliver quality and finespun appearance to the products. These products undergo roll stock processing before its toll conversion. With a wide variety of industries under the umbrella, they are most suited to brands looking at creating pouches, packets, and sachets using their Form-Fill-Seal machines. Form-Fill-Seal machines that have roll stock as input produce higher output and cost-effective products.


Extended shelf life


Transport cost-effective

Up to 9 colors custom print

Matte finish / Glossy finish / Matte with UV spot finish

Up to 1300mm web width

Rotogravure printing

High dart value

High Hot Tack Force (Increased speed on FFS)

2-3 layers (PET/PE/ BOPP/CPP/Met PET/ Aluminum Foil)

Food packaging

Liquid packaging

Pharmaceutical packaging

Agricultural packaging

Personal care packaging

Household packaging

Industrial packaging