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We manufacture custom printed multi-layer roll stock films and pouches for aseptic packaging of liquids such as beverages, condiments and all types of oils. We also specialize in manufacturing custom printed retort packaging in roll stock and pouch form for Ready-To-Drink (RTD) beverages.


As the name suggests, the pouch is sealed from three sides, with one side left open for the filling of the product.

This packaging is used for products that do not need to stand up on a shelf, and either lay flat or hang from a punched hang hole on a rack.  These pouches are popular in different segments such as snacks, confectionery, pharmaceuticals & other markets.

Why Side Seal Pouches:

  • Zipper or unzippered
  • High Barrier Options
  • Economical in cost
  • Easy to pack into cases

What we offer:-

  • Available structure ( PET/BOPP/MPET/Poly)
  • Optional UV spot printing
  • Upto 9 Colors colors printing.
  • Zipper / Notch / Handle /  Euro Punch,

Stand Up Pouches is the latest trend and extensively used style in flexible packaging. It has changed the face of consumer packaging for a wide variety of food and industrial packaging needs.

Why Stand Up Pouches

  • Vibrant Packaging
  • User-Friendly Features
  • Better visibility on shelf
  • Less storage space
  • Lightweight and better aesthetic appeal.


What we offer

  1. Up to 3 layer material lamination (PET/Aluminium Foil/LDPE/BOPP/CPP/MET-PET)
  2. Optional UV spot printing
  3. Up to 9 Colors colors printing.
  4. Zipper / Notch / Handle /  Euro Punch,

 Clear Window and metalized window, if needed (for product visibility).

Pillow pouch, also known as center seal pouch is one of the most conventional and economical styles of packaging. To fulfill the varying requirements of the consumers, we use state-of-art technology to design a huge spectrum of pillow pouch which is enormously functional, eye-catching and consistent.

These pouches resemble the shape of a pillow and have a bottom, top and back seal. The structure of the pouch is such that the contents get the “Higher Filling Volume”.

Why Pillow Pouches

  • Leakage-proof from corners
  • Can withstand variation in temperatures
  • Extended shelf- life.
  • Tamper & waterproof

What we offer

  • Available from single layer to multilayer ( any possible structure)
  • Clear Window
  • Glossy or Matte Finish
  • Tear Notch
  • Euro or Round Punch Hole


Side Gusset pouches are being preferred over other options by the food and other industries because of easy display vertically and horizontally, thus becoming a leading option for shelf display. They are the most common pouches for packing tea and coffee and rice etc.

Why Side Gusset Pouches

  • Innovative & Unique appearance
  • Ease of use & Less Space Requirement
  • Standing feature, adds to better shelf display.
  • Clear Window, if needed (for product visibility).

What we offer

  • Different structures ( PET/MPET/BOPP/Poly)  available
  • Customized gusset dimensions as per the pack size
  • Up to 9 Color Printing
  • Customized Printing – Glossy or Matte Finish

Extra strength and rigidity for better shelf display

Ziplock pouches are popular because of their ease of opening, closing, and reusability.

Why Zipper/Ziplock Pouches

  • Ease of dispensing the product.
  • User-friendly
  • Tamper Evident
  • Better Aesthetic Appeal
  • Reclosability

What we offer

  1. Up to 3 layer material lamination (PET/Aluminium Foil/LDPE/BOPP/CPP/MET-PET)
  2. Optional UV spot printing
  3. Up to 9 Colors colors printing.
  4. Zipper / Notch / Handle /  Euro Punch,
  5. Clear Window and metalized window, if needed (for product visibility).

Spout pouches are growing in popularity for packaging as they provide a less expensive, fully printable, user-friendly alternative to rigid containers. This packaging is suitable for products like beverages, sauces, oil and cleaning agents.

Why Spout Pouches
  • Zero Leakage.
  • Better convenient option than bottles.
  • Storage and transport efficient
  • Easy pourability and reclosability

What we offer

  • Variety of shapes for better appearance
  • A variety of spouts for different product requirements.
  • Optional UV spot printing
  • Up to 9 Colors colors printing.

Aero Plast’s USP lies in manufacturing high strength jumbo bags, commonly used for flour and rice bags. With the help of our industry experience and vast knowledge in plastics, we can offer the best Dart values in plastic films with the most competitive prices.

Our bags can pass your strictest quality and drop tests while minimizing the thickness of the films to give you a better yield.

Why high strength Bags

  • For packaging when the weight of the stuff is 5 Kg and 10 Kg.
  • Specially designed for very high drop tests

What we offer:-

  • Clear Window and metalized window, if needed (for product visibility).
  • Optional UV spot printing
  • Dori/ Handle/ D-cut/ Euro punch
  • High strength with optimum film thickness